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Find all questions related to returning your items

I received the wrong watch

You can kindly go over to our Contact Us page and request an exchange!

How long do I have to Return an item?

Broken on arrival – 7 days

No longer want – 14 days

Every other reason – 14 days

Where do i send my return?

We will send you the address to send your item(s) when you get in contact!


Find all questions related to shipping

How long is shipping?

Shipping speed depends on where you are located, but on average shipping take between 3-14 days

What is insured Shipping?

This will ensure that no matter what, you will receive your items.

Sometimes shipping companies hold items in customs for a while, or just stop shipping. With insured shipping, you can insure we will work aggressively to get your watches!

Can i track my watches?

Yeas, just head over to our tracking page!

I only received one of my watches

This happens as we have multiple warehouses and sometimes a watch is out of stock in particular warehouse.

And will be faster to send from another one, than waiting on another shipment!


Find all the answers to getting a refund for your item(s)

I would like a refund for my items

All refunds will be for whatever reason can be done within 21 days

No questions asked!

Do i need to send the watches back for a refund

Yes, we will send you the address and steps to take in order to do so!


Get all the answers to wholesaling our watches

How many watches do we need to buy in order get a wholesale deal?

10 or more watches will get you a deal.

Please contact us before buying!

Do you have to qualify to be a wholesaler?

Yes, we will send the requirements once you contact us

What is the discount for a wholesaler?

We can not say, as the discount scales with how many watches you plan to purchase

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