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This document sets forth the warranty policy of the Yazole Watches from which you (‘Purchaser’)
purchase your watches .

This policy is applicable only to Yazole Watches (‘Products’) described in the Warranty Certificate extended to the Purchaser
along with the correlated invoice or the Certificate in the website page for the product being questioned.

This warranty policy only applies if Purchased at the same time you purchased your Watch(es) .

Warranty period:

The warranty period will last 3-Months from your delivery date

The warranty period starts on the date the products are delivered.

By default, Purchaser receives above mentioned ‘standard warranty’ .

On request, an ‘extended warranty’ or ‘customized project warranty’ can be agreed upon after evaluation of the specific
application conditions.

Purchaser shall not rely upon any other information or documentation .

Summary Warranty Terms and Conditions (non-exhaustive)

  • Products have been purchased directly from yazolewatches.com.
  • Proof of purchase is available for inspection by Yazole Watches .
  • A Yazole Watches representative will have access to the defective Products.
  • If the Products or other parts become suspect, the representative shall have the right to invite other
    manufacturers’ representatives to evaluate the lighting systems.

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